Lights, Camera, Action!

Ties to the Tay working lunch Dec 2014

The past few months have been busy for the Ties to the Tay project. We’ve been meeting up to explore the more detailed development of the storyboards for our short films based on a selection of the Watermarks short stories and poetry. This has given us a chance to think further about what sorts of locations, actors, and props may be useful as visual imagery. We’ve also been chatting about audio components: voiceover, music and, one of the writers, Gladys, has been sharing information in relation to audio software, particularly useful when accessing computer files and using iPads in relation to visual impairment.

We have also talked about other technical issues: sharing large video files, moving between iPad and android devices, how we may record sound–we now have a shiny new space-age looking microphone, so that should be a good help with recording voiceovers.

Bandstand Magdalen Yard

Our first day of filming took place, in glorious sunshine, in the vicinity of the Magdalen Yard (Dundee) allotments and went very well. This first film is based on David Carson’s short story, “A World Away,” and was very much a team project: two cameras, a sound effects expert (thanks Beth for the hard work raking stones and for your husband’s willingness to become an acting extra!), and impromptu meetings local residents. We’ll soon be posting some short clips so that you can get a feel for what we’ve been recording.

Tentsmuir Dunes

Our second day on location took place on the Fife side of the River Tay, as the river meets the sea, at the atmospheric Tentsmuir Beach. Once again we struck gold with the weather and got some great shots filming Cathy Whitfield’s short story “The Point.” On returning to Tayport we had a quick look through the footage, and we should have some super landscape shots!

So now we are moving on to further filming–Megan Heather’s prose poem, “My Song,” is next–and we will also be working through the footage compiled so far, including editing and adding in audio (without quite so dramatic wind effects!).

We’ll keep posting updates on the process, so please watch this space!


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