We’re Screening at StAnza, Scotland’s International Poetry Festival

StAnza International Poetry Festival

We have a very exciting week ahead. Three of our Ties to the Tay short films will be screening from 4-8 March, 2015 as part of the StAnza International Poetry Festival. The films begin screening in the Byre Theatre Conference Room in St Andrews on Wednesday evening (4 March) and run from 10am to 10pm during the rest of the festival (with pauses when other activities are being held in the same location). The screenings are free and provide a nice opportunity to sit back and enjoy some innovative audio visual entertainment in-between readings and performances.

The three films we are screening are based on the work of Roderick Manson, Gladys Taylor and Megan Heather.

A still while filming 'Chase the Evening' introduction.

A still while filming ‘Chase the Evening’ introduction.

Roderick’s short film provides an introduction/trailer to the longer film of his poem ‘Chase the Evening,’ which we will be filming during the coming months, following the river from the sea to its source.

Roderick Manson

Our recent filming took place on a ‘fresh’ (!) Sunday morning next to Broughty Ferry Castle, and provided us with some nicely atmospheric shots.

Esther Read, Alan Long and Gladys Taylor at Wade's Bridge during filming.

Esther Read, Alan Long and Gladys Taylor at Wade’s Bridge during filming.

The second film, ‘Wade’s Bridge,’ provides a historical poetic journey through the film’s namesake structure found in Aberfeldy.

Based on Gladys Taylor’s poem, the piece provides an evocative picture of changing architectural features, such as bridges, and their wider social and political presence. We were also able to celebrate Esther’s birthday, with a wee bit post-filming coffee and cake (an essential component of collaborative team building!).

Megan Heather

Megan Heather, author of ‘My Song.’

And, finally, the third film poem, is based on Megan Heather’s poignant prose poem, ‘My Song.’ Filmed along the Dundee City Waterfront, in an appropriately moody and stormy day, the film encludes a range of striking textual and visual imagery enhanced by Megan’s expert narration.


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