Lots of Activities: Sound, Editing and Workshops!

Still from "A World Away" short film based on David Carson's short story.

Still from “A World Away” short film based on David Carson’s story.

Still from "A World Away."

Still from “A World Away.”

Things are moving along with our Ties to the Tay project. We’ve recorded the sound and now completed the short film of David Carson’s story “A World Away.”  Through the context of visits to a garden allotment, the film explores the central character’s relationship with his father, and paints a poignant and evocative story of the connections between past and present landscapes. Filmed on location at the Dundee City Council allotments near Magdalen Yard, we benefitted from great weather and learning new ways to create convincing sound effects!

Still from "The Point" based on Cathy Whitfield's story.

Still from “The Point” based on Cathy Whitfield’s story.

Still from "The Point," based on Cathy Whitfield's short story.

Still from “The Point,” based on Cathy Whitfield’s short story.

We’ve also had a look through the rough cut of the visuals for Cathy’s film “The Point” and now have the complete voiceover, so following another editing session this should be our next film appearing shortly. This includes some dramatic shots of Tentsmuir Beach and the surrounding area.


Earth Room at the RSGS Headquarters, Perth (RSGS 2015).

In terms of upcoming activities: next week we will be holding our CECHR funded workshop, “Creative, Sustainable and Transformational Communities.” This event is kindly being hosted by the RSGS at their headquarters in Perth and will give us the opportunity to explore the progress of the project so far, upcoming filming, fieldtrip and screening activities, as well as the possiblities for expanding the project over the longer term. An update on the workshop will follow shortly along with details of accessing the films and future screenings.


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